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Murray Fredericks Vanity Series

Since 2003, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has made at least twenty journeys to the center of Lake Eyre, a desert lake with an extremely high concentration of salt.


How to Cure Insomnia ?

Styled by Mi Dong and shot by Mattia Balsamini, this beautiful series of photographs illustrates a visual story about sleep disorders, told by Arianna Giorgia Bonazzi to IL Magazine.


Exploring Shape, Texture, and Sculpture

Born in the Shires in 1979, Kate Jackling’s photographic background was fueled by a passion for analogue and Polaroid photography.


Architectural Self Portraits by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís

Valencia based duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís, loves to travel the world in search of interesting perspective and geometry related to architecture. On their instagram, they have been crafting photographs that…


Charlotte Heal x Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes is announcing a beautiful new collaboration with Creative Director Charlotte Heal who has translated their perfumes into a photography series. You may remember Laboratory Perfumes’ previous scent projects with artist Zuza…


Léa Nielsen Mixed Media Fashion Photography

London-based Danish photographer Léa Nielsen draws inspiration from architecture, art and film, and as such her images are both minimalist and intense;


Mathias Sterner Food Still Lifes

Swedish photographer Mathias Sterner has a very intricate to shoot his food still life. Captured in a dark, baroque style ambience, Sterner’s compositions are perfect and looks more like fine art than…