Modern Bouquets : What Kind of Man Does it Take?

For their Valentine’s Day story, concept shop The Line collaborated with floral designer Marisa Competello of Meta Flora in New York City and photographer Hanna Tveite.


A Night at the Metro Motel

In this editorial photographed by Meredith Jenks and art directed by Leta Sobierajski their heroine enters a hotel room for her over-night stay.


‘Memory of a Futur’ Documents French Seniors Around Paris

French photographer Laurent Kronental ongoing project series called ‘Souvenir d’un Futur’ ( Memory of a Futur ) is strikingly documenting the lives of senior citizens living in the “Grands Ensembles” around Paris,…


Portraits, In Between.

In Between is a beautiful personal series by Canadian visual artist Simon Duhamel exploring the transition period between childhood and adolescence.


Scent of a Man

At the request of mens’s monthly L’Officiel Hommes, Frederik Vercruysse photographed the current best fragrances for men. The beautiful set was designed by Deiborah Bloemen and styled by Romain Vallos.


Who Doesn’t Want Right Free Photos ?

To our Trendland readers who are predominantly in the creative field (60% of you guys, to be more precise), we’d like to introduce you to this cool site called Unsplash. They offer FREE (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos with 10 new photos every 10 days!


Emily Blincoe Conceptual Photography

We reviewed Emily Blinco’se work in the past with her very sweet “Sugar” series. We checked back in with her and found some very cool new images. Be sure to check out…


The Goetheanum Through the Eyes of Nicolas Coulomb

Published in November Magazine, this series of photographs was taken by Nicolas Coulomb for Goetheanum. The world center for the anthroposophical movement, located in Switzerland, commissioned the French photographer to capture the sculptural-organic and outstanding…


A Perfectly Art Directed Ski Vacation

‘Le Ski’ was created by Emma Hartvig in the mountains of ?Austria?. Although this series of images ?was influenced by old Hollywood cinema (think ’on her majesty’s secret service’) – the focus…


Paris Rooftops by Michael Wolf

One of my oldest standing love stories with Paris is with its terracotta chimney-lined skyline.


When Animals have ‘Second Skins’

You might know by now that we love when artists and photographers use animals as subjects for their creations. In his long-running portrait series titled Second Skins, artist Miguel Vallinas uses wildlife photographic portraits…


Aromas of Coffee Visualized

Ryan Romanes was commissioned by New York-based barista’s Junia & Joseph to produce 16 images for their new scratch and sniff book; Aromas in Coffee.


Nostalgic Landscapes of America

It often takes an outsider to really capture the magic and mystery of the mundane. In this photo series of moody and nostalgic landscapes, London-based photographer Elayne Barre does just that.


Destination : Outer Space

Michael Najjar’s Outer Space work series deals with the latest developments in space flight and how they shape our future. 


Bathroom Fittings and Inspiration by Groupwork

I came across these inspiring sets styled by Esther Stewart and photographed by Lauren Bamford that were created to showcase a series of bathroom fittings designed by Sarah Trotter for Groupwork.


Giorgio Cravero Colors Series

Italian photographer Giorgio Cravero began his career working as architectural and still life photographer. Moving between traditional photography , digital and new technologies, he often combines several techniques to emphasize and communicate…


Thomas Jackson’s Emergent Behavior

Thomas Jackson’s interest in photography emerged from street scenes and has evolved to more conceptual elements.


Natalia Evelyn Bencicova’s Fine Art Photography

The young (b.1992) Slovakian photographer Natalia Evelyn Bencicova is a visual creative working mostly with digital photography. Natalia grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia and is currently studying in Vienna at the University…


Tijmen Smeulders Volume, Light and Perception Study

Tijmens Smeulders graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2014 and based his studio there. For him each piece is a reconsideration of a product for everyday use and its properties;…


Digital Explosions by ShowStudio

This dynamic video & editorial by Showstudio really captures the chaos of the web by layering digital iconography into these visual explosions.


Photographer Robert Walker Captures Britain’s Only Desert

British born photographer Robert Walker’s latest project taken over a 4 year period captures the ever changing light and atmosphere of Britain’s only desert. “The Fifth Continent” was the name given to…


Electrical Sockets Turned Art

Its appearance is customary, almost negligible, and yet it determines the structure of the overall view.