What Happens Behind Instagram Photos

Chompoo Baritone is a Thai-based photographer who took an interest in the hidden side of Instagram‘s perfect scenes and embellishing…


Modified Fruits

We all have our own issues and opinions when it comes down to genetically modified foods. While some like to keep foods as they are,…


City Lights by Patricia Thompson

City Lights is a photographic study by Patricia Thompson which she has been developing for the past 10 years and reflects her experience…


Insta Edit @Smcmennamy

Stephen McMennamy is a creative director from Atlanta whose work often encompasses visual tricks that play with scale, everyday objects…


Geological Specimens for Cos Magazine

Since its launch in 2007 COS has produced a magazine each season as away to communicate with customers and provide them with a deeper…


Salads by Florent Tanet

Florent Tanet shared his latest food series shot for the French Magazine : M le Magazine du Monde with us.


Another Skin by Akiko Shinzato

This ‘Another Skin’ collection by Japanese jewelry designer Akiko Shinzato is about people’s obsession with their…


Metz + Racine for Casa Da Abitare

Metz + Racine, uniquely collaborative relationship surprised us with a different kind of color palette in this editorial for  Casa Da…