Petrina Hicks’ Satirical Universe
All women are special creatures, and for that particular reason they are the subject of many art pieces and photographs where the artists try to demystify their essence and their meaning even in their own lives.


The Velvety Photos of Emma Hartvig
Despite having recently concluded the Photography course at London College of Communication, Emma Hartvig is hardly inexperienced when it comes to the necessity to be creative and to seek a personal way to portray everything around her.


Farbaum by Nick Frank
“The sound of the camera makes the photographer happy and fuels his passion.” And by these words, we can immediately comprehend the connection established between Nick Frank and photography itself, since 2010.


Still Life by Daniel Gregoric
While currently finishing his final year in the BA Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia,  Daniel Gregoric is also producing a photo book of work in a similar fashion to the series featured here.


Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker
When the main topic is food styling, we’re always used to immediately observe a sophisticated and preciously confectioned dish before our eyes.