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A ‘Visual’ Trip to the Dentist

Looking closely at this routine occurrence, photographer Charlotte May and set designer Nathan Taylor have worked to form an alternative visual world;


Eye Candy Photo Production by Violet Tinder Studio

Playful photo arrangements by Violet Tinder Studio are ode to colours and playful. Let it be a bunch of beauty products or some of our daily meals, studio’s aesthetic is very cohesive.


The Blossom Project by Isabelle & Alexis

The Blossom Project is the result of photographers Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot creative collaboration. The pair captures enigmatical landscapes in every corner of the globe, from Morocco to the US and…


Swirly Flowers by Mark Mawson

British photographer Mark Mawson is specialized in shooting aqueous subjects for over 25 years.


Noodled: Inspired by the Beauty of the Sea

New York based hairstylist James Pecis with London based portrait photographer Paul Wetherell, and Sydney based wave/surf photographer Ben Budgen collaborated on this limited edition hardcover book in which all of the…