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Jake Curtis Brilliant Interior Photography

Jake Curtis, an award winning photographer based in London, brings a scientific approach to photography. His work tackles a broad range of disciplines oscillating between interiors, lifestyle, portraits and advertising. His clients…


Kinfolk Prankster’s Paradise

For issue 19, Kinfolk has staged a vivid story showcasing some useful tips when struggling with shameless coworkers.


Alaskan Fjord Transformed via Infrared

During the Summer of 2016, Photographer Bradley Munkowitz embarked on an Inspiring Adventure up the Best Coast of the United States – traveling pretty much as far north as it goes.. Venturing…


Mr. Velveteen by Alyson Holder

Barbados photographer Alyson Holder submitted us her latest series, Mr. Velveteen. Based on the story of the Velveteen Rabbit, she shot this project using friends as subject and was attracted to the…


Murray Fredericks Vanity Series

Since 2003, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has made at least twenty journeys to the center of Lake Eyre, a desert lake with an extremely high concentration of salt.


How to Cure Insomnia ?

Styled by Mi Dong and shot by Mattia Balsamini, this beautiful series of photographs illustrates a visual story about sleep disorders, told by Arianna Giorgia Bonazzi to IL Magazine.