Tailor-made Food
Many are the chefs who work tirelessly to improve their most famous dishes which make us salivate endlessly. But Anna Lomax, a designer from London, decided to “prepare” the dishes for the menu today in the best way she knows how.


Sharyn Cairns Beautiful Lifestyle Photography
Sharyn Cairns is an Australia-based photographer showcasing an eclectic visual portfolio, yet she manages to stamp her own style in a classy and comprehensible manner.


Le Livre Blanc by Anne-Sophie Pic
  If the Design Museum ever produced a cookbook, it would look like Anne-Sophie Pic’s latest collection of recipes, Le Livre Blanc. From the pure white front cover – with its title carved out in industrial- style font – to the silver-edged pages, this is a modern, striking cookbook, destined for coffee tables as well […]


Lena Emery’s Calming Fashion Compositions
Lena Emery, who now lives in London, has in her heart the memories of Singapore, Paris and Berlin. In her hands she holds a portfolio build with a major in painting and professional experience as a graphic and print designer working with international brands.