Lady in The Loo
Plastik Magazine was launched in Beirut in 2009 by Eli Rezkallah, making it the first visual publication in the Middle […]


Insta Edit @yuanxisun
24 year old Yuanxi Sun from Beijing is one of those Instagram nomads you just got to envy.


Surreal Homes by Matthias Jung
Resembling a similar project by Robert Overweg, German designer Matthias Jung’s¬†surreal houses are as intricate as they look.¬†


Nicolas Bets Photography
Belgium-born Paris-based photographer, Nicolas Bets has some interesting images in his portfolio. After assisting a few famous photographer, he discovered […]


The Cat and the Flat Editorial for Vogue
This Spring is all about comfort. Sporty Chic is all the hype and whether you do it with a silk […]