Tales of Auto Elasticity

UK designer Chris Labroody‘s new project, Tales of Auto Elasticity, reprises the concept of beautiful retro cars in positions that…


Entomophagy By Jonathan Gregson

Eating insects may seem like a strange idea to some, but for UK photographer Jonathan Gregson it is a work of art.


Cosmic Still Life Photography

“Cósmica y Sus Huevos” is a editorial project developed by Daniel Aristizábal for La Monda, an Spanish fashion and design…



Venice-based cook and writer Skye McAlpine has a food blog for all the right reasons. “From My Dining Table” is where she shares her…

Lorenzo Penati – Altreforme – 1

“Metal Pop” Still Life Photography

This creative project of the contemporary design world altreforme, known for its innovative approach to aluminum and the technological…

Inside Out-Editorial – 14

Inside Out Editorial

  In a world parallel to Wes Anderson’s universe, impressive editorials are happening. ADER clothing called in illustrator…