Kim Kyung Soo for Korean Vogue
I came across this beautiful editorial photographed by Kim Kyung Soo for Korean Vogue sometime last year and I just had to share. The editorial is such a rich and definitely somewhat glamorized depiction of the traditional Korean dress. I love the geometric hairstyles juxtaposed with the voluminous dresses.


“Color Me Crazy” by Sarah St. Clair Renard
I just found this beautiful editorial photographed by Sarah St. Clair Renard for Yen Magazine’s spring issue 2010. I absolutely love the reference to Holi, the Hindu festival of Spring, one of the most beautiful celebrations of any culture in the world. Accompanying the images is a colorful video of the shoots process.


The Diary of Carl Kleiner
I thought these pictures needed to be in a separate post, since they are a totally different aesthetic from his still life photographs. Here you can have a look at the diary of Carl Kleiner, an inspiring range of photographic moments.


Carl Kleiner Still life Photography
Carl Kleiner still life photography are superbly creative, even if its fashion, food or advertising, Carl has an impressive imagination. Be sure to check also his Diary photographs, those are pretty amazing as well!


Underwater Ballet by Nadia Moro
This beautiful aquatic series of underwater ballet, titled “Behind the Surface” was photographed by Nadia Moro. The series exudes a kind of majestic power that takes you on a journey beyond our reality.