16 years old Rising Photographer: Eleanor Hardwick
She’s only 16 but already one of the ‘IT’ fashion photographers of her generation. Discovered on Flickr under the nickname Lenaah, Eleanor Hardwick already has a huge following and has shot for big name publications at ONLY 16 ! All thanks to internet…


Timothy Saccenti Photography
I just stumbled upon the work of Timothy Saccenti, full of  lighting effects, smoke and dark backgrounds. Timothy has shot a lot of music artist, like Erykah Badu and Tricky. He also directed some great music video, like the very cool Chairlift: Bruises (below) and my favorite shoot is definitely his School of Seven Bells […]


Susanna Hesselberg Art Photography
A non-conventional use of photoshop, for most of Susanna Hesselberg photographs you need a double take to really understand what’s going on. She prints her photo-montage in big format and exhibits them as art pieces.


Chris Peun Still Life Photography
Just discover through SUBMIT, the beautiful work of  young British still life photographer: Chris Peun. His fragrance or his makeup series are beautifully executed with a hint of photoshop. The result is awesome!


Giles Revell Photography Project
Photographer/Artist Giles Revell has such an eclectic portfolio, from microscopic insects, macro flowers, Seascapes to human forms or water projects, Revell’s work is influenced by fine art and conceptualism.