Mirrors by Ujin Lee & Thomas Edwards
Mirrors by Ujin Lee & Tom Edwards was created in conjunction with two fashion labels based in Sydney Australia as a visual piece meditating on beauty. Read interview below and Watch Video HERE


Astronauts by Hunter Freeman
Its not always fun to be an Astronaut! Great series by Hunter Freeman.


Benedict Redgrove Loves Cars
I love Benedict Redgrove’s car photography, especially his Bertone series! He seems to really love car, because when he is not shooting cars, he’s shooting their factories and mechanics. Redgrove’s does not shoot cars like everyone else I have seen. He likes to discover shapes in them, play with lighting and


Benjamin Lennox Photography
I’m loving Benjamin Lennox’s photographic style. His blurry/extended exposure shots seem to be his signature. His style is full of colors and great lighting effects that you may recognize from the likes of  V, Dazed, Flair and Vogue Russia amongst others…


Facial Hair Extraordinaire
ZZ Top would surely shed a tear at the sight of the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championship contestants.  Texas photographer Dave Mead traveled to Anchorage, Alaska to capture these portraits of men with gravity defying facial hair. Fans of the bush-ranger beard or