The Modern Standard by Miguel Reveriego for Vogue Hommes Japan #5 F/W 2010
Yuri Pleskun, Aiden Andrews, AJ Abualrub, Danny Arter, Jules Hamilton & Marshall Brockley in “The Modern Standard” photographed by Miguel […]


Color Up! by Sebastian Kim
I just came across this beautiful color blocking editorial from German Vogue’s October 2010 issue photographed by Sebastian Kim. I […]


Dogs Gods by Tim Flach
Dog lovers will love this one! After the (sad) ‘Dogs in the cars‘ series and the (funny) ‘Bourgeois Dog‘ series, […]


Suvi Koponen by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Germany October 2010
Suvi Koponen in “Color Up!” photographed by Sebastian Kim and styled by Katie Mossman for Vogue Germany October 2010.


Marina Aurora Food Photography
This work reminds me a little bit of the IKEA Cookbook shot by Carl Kleiner, but this beautiful and inspiring […]