Star Signs by Tim Gutt for Vogue UK Dec 2010
For this gorgeous editorial photographed by Tim Gutt for Vogue UK, model Siri Tollerod dramatically plays all of the signs and set designer Shona Heath provides beautiful and surreal sets and costumes to complement Kate Phelan‘s styling.


Sylvie Becquet Editorial for AD China
I’m totally in love with this amazing minimal interior design editorial photographed by Sylvie Becquet for Architecture Digest China – Love the color, the pattern and the simplicity of the sets.


Lindsey Thornburg F/W 2011 Campaign
The third innovation born from the collaborative efforts of designer Lindsey Thornburg, photographer/director Olivia Malone and director/editor Crystal Moselle follows two mischievous “clowns” as they gallivant through the countryside. The films inspiration comes from French new wave films and psychedelic directors such as Jean Rollin and Alejandro Jodorowsky.


David Bailey Photography
Considered one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, David Bailey is credited with photographing some of the most compelling images of the last five decades. He first rose to fame making stars of a new generation of models including Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree. Since then his work has never failed to impress and


Arper Tables by Scheltens Abbenes
Yet another beautiful production by Scheltens Abbenes! Conceptualized and photographed to showcase Arper Tables new collection are these graphic images that would be stunning as art in ny interior, can you imagine the effect of a space featuring this furniture and these images, a cubist hallucination!