Kristian Schuller Fashion Photography
When it comes to fashion editorials, the Paris-based fashion photographer Kristian Schuller likes to see big. His images tend to be acutely seductive, providing the viewers with a view into a riotous fashion dream world completely possess the beholder. Learning from the biggest, Schuller studied fashion design with Vivienne Westwood and


Johann Besse Photography
Swiss photographer Johann Besse has a really great series of photographs he calls “Pans”, featuring graphic facades of concrete buildings. The work is minimalistic, monochromatic and color-blocked, 3 characteristics I have a huge weakness for. Enjoy!


Nirrimi Hakanson Photography
Prepare to sit up and pay attention to 19-year-old Nirrimi Hakanson. Australian-born Nirrimi has been taking pictures since she was 13, and clearly her hard work has paid off. At just 16 she was commissioned to photograph an entire magazine, whilst late last year she was called upon by Diesel to masterfully shoot their winter […]


Frank Kunert’s Art
Frank Kunert is happy his photographs have an “analog” look about them. After all, he did hand-make the models himself. Before the German photographer even snaps a single shot, he is in his studio, creating 3D model subjects—usually industrial grey constructs in still, almost poetic, settings—out of deco boards, plasticine, and paint. It could take […]


Smoke Series by Floto + Warner
The husband and wife team Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner of New York-based photography studio Floto + Warner choose the Nevada desert to detonate their latest home-made creations. An awesome series of colorful smoke in abandoned buildings and stark landscapes. Also watch the video below.