Ashley Gilbertson Documents Military Rationings
This photo series, entitled ” Military Rations of troops in Afghanistan”, by Ashley Gilbertson documents ready to eat meals of soldiers in Afghanistan. “In combat, eating is often the only good thing about a day. When a soldier or marine sits down to warm up his M.R.E., he’s not being shot at, he’s not losing friends. […]


Christel Bangsgaard Beauty Photography
Christel Bangsgaard is a Danish born fashion and beauty photographer, currently based in New York City. She has a unique eye for details and a developed color aesthetic, which can be found in multiple series in her portfolio. She recently won


Aitken Jolly Photography
London based photographer Aitken Jolly is definitely on to watch! Having worked with some of the more progressive Fashion Magazines including Wonderland, Dansk, Flair and Mixte over the last 3-4 years has build him quiet a fresh portfolio showing his range as a beauty, portrait and fashion photographer. We discovered his work in recent feature […]


I ‘Photo’ NY by Marko Savic
It’s always interesting to have a fresh new eye of a city that has been shot thousands of time. The Belgrade based photographer Marko Savic published a book of his photographs from his visit of the Big Apple in April 2011. See below his NY state of mind!


Magdalena Frackowiak by Aitken Jolly for Dansk A/W 2011
Magdalena Frackowiak in “The Ice Queen” photograhed by Aitken Jolly and styled by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen in yet another religious editorial, this time for Dansk Magazine A/W 2011.