Portraits by Loretta Lux
From The Omen’s devilish Damien to those chilling twins in The Shining, there’s always been an unsettling connection between children and the genre of horror within popular culture. This is something that artsit-turned-photgrapher Loretta Lux captures brilliantly in her surreal portraits of young children. Loretta’s work is


Frank Hülsbömer Still Life Photography
Best known for his purely formal, intricate photographic approach, German photographer Frank Hülsbömer has a pretty amazing eye and composition skill for his still life photographs. He plays with colors, geometry, bright elastic bands, abstract perforated sheets of paper and multi-colored circles of card constituting his photographic subjects.


Alexander Straulino Photography
There is really something special about the way photographer Alexander Straulino shoots a face. Be it zoomed in, cut up, or heavily dripping in paint, your everyday face turns into a bold, almost abstract statement through Alexander’s lens.


Microwhat Photography
Admit it, we’ve all wondered what would happen if we microwaved something that we know should never ever enter a microwave. Thankfully the curious people behind Tumblr blog, Microwhat have quenched our thirsty imagination with their range of eye-pleasingly bright images detailing the


Erwan Frotin’s Flower Photography
Franco-Swiss, Erwan Frotin is a highly acclaimed still life photographer. His unique color infused body of work definitely leans more towards the side of fine art rather than commercial photography. He is known for his distinct style of sculpting objects, whether they are flowers or beauty products