Lena Emery’s Calming Fashion Compositions
Lena Emery, who now lives in London, has in her heart the memories of Singapore, Paris and Berlin. In her hands she holds a portfolio build with a major in painting and professional experience as a graphic and print designer working with international brands.


Air for Fucking Young
Air is a mixture of gases that constitute our atmosphere. But the air is also that untouchable material that lives between people and things and we don’t feel it without being through a breath of air or in a stormy and breezy day. The air splits the things apart.


Scott Caan’s Latest Book: Vanity
Martha Otero Gallery is pleased to present Scott Caan’s Vanity, an exhibition featuring photographs. Over the past decade, actor Scott Caan has quietly garnered a reputation as an…


L.A.’s Classic Eats Get Some Pop
Los Angeles-based photographer Stephanie Gonot showcases a series of foods as still life using the city’s most iconic junk food joints as subjects for a solo installation at The Standard, Hollywood.


Nastplas’s Digital Art
Nastplas is DrFranken and Natalia Molinos, two freelance illustrators and graphic designers by way of Madrid. Pooling their individual skills together, it reads an impressive roster