Sam Irons Landscape Photography

The landscape photography of Sam Irons in his “Grid Reference” series offers curious deserted landscapes often in the pastel range or at …


HaeNyeo: Women of the Sea [Exhibition]

The new travel site Travel got the exclusivity by the Korean Cultural Service New York of these amazing photographs for their upcom…


Seph Lawless’s Black Friday Series

Photographer Seph Lawless series “Black Friday” is a great photographic collection of abandoned shopping malls Ohio (Rolling …


Invasions by Charles Pétillon

These balloon invasions by Charles Pétillon are metaphors. Their goal is to change the way in which we see the things we live alongside e…


Unknown Geometries

Visual designer and photographer Giorgio Stefanoni brings us on a journey through shapes and colours of lesser-known architectures of Mil…


Romina Ressia Fine Art Photography

Argentinian painter Romina Ressia took the classic renaissance portrait style and added a little modern twist to it, resulting in some


Visual Metaphors by Bara Prasilova

Using the methods of fashion photography Bara Prasilova inserts her purely personal perspective of a documentary sociologist below the su…