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The Mysterious Portraits of Hellen van Meene

Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene is one of the leading Dutch photographers of her generation. During the first part of the 1990s, her work involved intriguing portraits of adolescent girls and women…


Woman’s Rooted Connection to Nature and Fertility

Melbourne, Australia, based photographer Lilli Waters is pragmatic about photography. There’s a rawness and openness centered around female themes, and strong narration that leaves you wanting more.


Honey Long & Prue Stent ‘Moulding’ Series

Creative duo Honey Long and Prue Stent are multidisciplinary artists who’s work is a co-mingling between photography, performance, installation and sculpture. Operating in a way that is spontaneous and playful the result…


Emma Hartvig Gorgeous Cinematic Photography

I just stumbled over the amazing work of Swedish photographer Emma Hartvig. Inspired by the suspense created in Hollywood thrillers, and particularly the work of Alfred Hitchcock, the colorful collection of stills…


Subverting the Urban Point of View

While working on his Site Specific series, Olivo Barbieri photographed more than forty of the world’s cities from a helicopter hovering in midair.


A Detailed Look At European Cathedrals

German artist Markus Brunetti traveled around continental Europe and the British Isles to photograph hyperrealistic portraits of detailed churches and cathedrals in his series titled Facades. By photographing the facades of the…


Stateless State of Mind

Iranian fine art photographer Gohar Dashti studies social issues with particular references to history and culture in modern society. In “Stateless”, a stunning series by Dashti she portrays a strange place with…