Brea Souders Photography

The work of young New York City-based photography talent Brea Souder references aesthetics from minimalism and surrealism while freshly r…


Estelle Hanania Photography

I came across the photography Estelle Hanania while catching up on Lidewij Edelkoort’s latest on trends. 


Alexandra Bergman Photography

Alexandra Bergman’s photography is simply lovely. Consistency and a focused definition of one’s personal style is a common theme in…


Erwin Olaf: Berlin

Erwin Olaf tapped into his dreams as surrealistic starting points for his latest series “Berlin”, on view now at New YorkR…


Philipp Lohöfener: Sports Fields

Remember Ward Robert’s Court Series? German photographer Philipp Lohöfener shares a similar fetish in his series, Sports Fields.


Akos Major: Eastward

Akos Major makes magic in his latest series of travel photographs, having visited Thailand, Cambodia, and Dubai for the series Eastward.<…

petros chrisostomou 2

Petros Chrisostomou

Oh, Petros Chrisostomou—an artist and photographer who knows his way into a woman’s heart. Known for photographing “small-sca…


Anna Pogossova’s Iceland Series

Iceland, in all its natural splendor, not only happens to be one of the most geologically interesting places on Earth, but is a hotbed fo…


Massimo Listri’s Empty Photographs

Massimo Listri’s work day probably has him talking to a handful of people, max. This is because the spaces the Italian photographer…


Peter Zéglis Photography

Written By Guest Blogger Anita Wu Stumbling onto the ever-growing edgy art scene – Greek civil infrastructure engineer turned photo…


Madame Peripetie’s Dream Sequence

Madame Peripetie’s (real name Sylwana Zybura) Dream Sequence, created jointly with stylist Stella Gosteva and make-up artist Marina…


Kate Fichard’s Totem de Vie

What do you guys think of Kate Fichard’s Totem de Vie series? In this cool collection of images, Fichard manages to mask the true i…


Architecture Photographs by Ed Freeman

These pictures are shot in the Californian desert and in Los Angeles, by Ed Freeman, L.A. based artist and photographer, creating the ser…


Sander Meisner’s Urban Landscape

Written by Guest Blogger Margherita Visentini Every photograph by Sander Meisner shows the beauty and the mystery of abandoned city areas…

Julie Blackmon_15

Julie Blackmon Photography

Written by Guest Blogger Margherita Visentini The American photographer Julie Blackmon has a unique way of portraying everyday life. Her …


Steve Back: Hutt Lagoon

At first glance, Steve Back’s photography is confusing, ambiguous and completely mesmerizing— his mission accomplished.  As an engi…


Mitch Payne: Poultry Series

Mitch Payne explores modern techniques within still life photography. His portfolio is consistently colorful, and bold, experimenting wit…

richard silver nyc churches 2

Richard Silver’s NYC Church Panoramas

A tad bit dizzying, but dazzling nonetheless, the always-creative photographer Richard Silver puts a spin on our usual view of panoramic …