Gorgeous Double-exposure by Miki Takahashi

Tokyo-based artist Miki Takahashi recently published her popular multiple exposure series (see older series like “Look,” “Inside” or “In …


8 Years & 800 Ice Huts

Teepees and igloos have forever been a topic of fascination for travelers around the world, but what about ice fishing huts?


Portraits, In Between.

In Between is a beautiful personal series by Canadian visual artist Simon Duhamel exploring the transition period between childhood and a…


Emily Blincoe Conceptual Photography

We reviewed Emily Blinco’se work in the past with her very sweet “Sugar” series. We checked back in with her and found …


When Animals have ‘Second Skins’

You might know by now that we love when artists and photographers use animals as subjects for their creations. In his long-running portra…