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Oil Spill Series by Fabian Oefner

The Oil Spill series is part ofFabian Oefner`s exploration of Iridescence. For this experiment, Oefner poured water into a black reservoir. With the aid of a syringe, he then added small drops of…


‘What is Metaphysic?’ Series by Michele Durazzi

Italy-based visual artist Michele Durazzi series ‘Was ist Metaphysik?’ is a beautiful storytelling through the architectural detail. All pictures are made in 3D without specific real references, and they follow a path…


Stephanie Kloss Mid-century Inspired Photography

This vintage photography series entitled ‘ California Dreaming’ portrays a few of the most iconic Mid-Century Modern homes in California, taking you back in time for a road trip through West Coast’s…


Dressed In Light by Dani Olivier

What a lovely idea from Parisian photographer Dani Olivier! He has put a unique twist on nude model photography. He creates geometric visuals which he then projects on women models in a…


‘Men of War’: Jellyfish as Fine Art

The vibrant hues and ethereal body of the Portuguese man-of-war entice people to take a closer look, but beware—to those who draw too near, this delicate creature delivers a painful sting.


Brooke Holm ‘Salt And Sky’ Exhibition

Australian photographer Brooke Holm ‘Salt And Sky’ exhibition opens Thursday 23rd of June down at Modern Times in Melbourne. ‘Salt And Sky’ brings together Brooke’s amazing landscape photography with her keen eye…


Bold Cities by Ben Thomas

Melbourne based photographer Ben Thomas colorful images center around urban cities. This collection of work he focuses on flattening and making the color