Ward Roberts: Courts
How pleased we were to receive Ward Robert’s new photo essay book Courts in the Trendland office recently. Showing his exemplary skills in composition and color, Ward Roberts traveled the globe from 2008 on, photographing tennis and basketball courts in Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, Bali, and London. Inspired by the dynamic lines of the […]


Nick Frank’s Mira Series
Nick Frank is a Germany based photographer and art director who photographs urban architecture in Munich. The Mira series showcases vibrant color blocking in an urban landscape environment. Here, the stunning colors and geometric structures are beautifully explored. Also check out Nick Frank’s black and white series ‘Space and Beyond’ which we featured last week!


Andrew Moore Fine Art Photography Of New York (1985-2005)
I always enjoy looking at different photographers’ views of the Big Apple. New York is a city that inspires everyone of us and that’s why we love it so much. Here is some of my favorite shots from fine art photographer Andrew Moore and his view, his light and his perspective of the city between […]


Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi’s Julián
As a photographer, Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi‘s expertise lies in the realm of lighting and digital post-production. These two skills are flexed to the utmost in the latest portrait series of his good friend Julián. Beautifully sculptural and built up like a


Todd Eberle’s America
Fine art photographer Todd Eberle has a great portfolio of  iconic images that span across interiors, architecture, and portraiture. The common thread throughout all of images is his graphic framing and abstraction of details. Showcased here are a selection of works from his project titled “America”. He does a brilliant job capturing the feeling of […]