Steve Back: Hutt Lagoon
Written by Guest Blogger Madeline Rudin At first glance, Steve Back’s photography is confusing, ambiguous and completely mesmerizing— his mission accomplished.  As an engineer turned commercial photographer, Back’s


Mitch Payne: Poultry Series
Mitch Payne explores modern techniques within still life photography. His portfolio is consistently colorful, and bold, experimenting with form, light and the abstract. Often his focal point,


Richard Silver’s NYC Church Panoramas
A tad bit dizzying, but dazzling nonetheless, the always-creative photographer Richard Silver puts a spin on our usual view of panoramic pictures. Instead of shooting a landscape of pews and aisles, his NY Churches: A Unique Perspective series is a long shot of the church ceiling, with assortments of art, grids, and balconies. “Each photo […]


Atelier Olschinsky: Belek, Turkey Series
This beautiful and haunting new series by Atleier Olschinsky suggests a strange and mysterious Turkey with images not normally associated with this country so full of color and life. This stillness is a completely different side to a magical country, which


Nick Knight: Flora
Nick Knight: renaissance man encompassing so many talents and gifting them to us through his constantly evolving, ever curious and varied work. Brave enough to delve in humanities darkest psyches and patient enough to spend over three and a half years in the herbarium of London’s Natural History Museum mapping the historical movement of flora […]