Massimo Listri’s Empty Photographs
Massimo Listri’s work day probably has him talking to a handful of people, max. This is because the spaces the Italian photographer captures are so complex and detailed on their own, putting people in the image just seems to be


Peter Zéglis Photography
Written By Guest Blogger Anita Wu Stumbling onto the ever-growing edgy art scene – Greek civil infrastructure engineer turned photographer Peter Zéglis has arrived.


Madame Peripetie’s Dream Sequence
Madame Peripetie’s (real name Sylwana Zybura) Dream Sequence, created jointly with stylist Stella Gosteva and make-up artist Marina Keri, seeks to illuminate the dreamy phantasmagorias to which we disappear to in the night, creating characters that “radiate a sense of ever-lasting awe and reverence,”


Vedas by Dustin Edward Arnold & Nicholas Alan Cope
We have covered the stunning architectural photography of Nicholas Alan Cope before, now comes the joint creative effort put forth by the American photog and, fellow photographer, Dustin Edward Arnold.  


Thorsten Brinkmann at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery
For those of you who have ever felt down on your luck, or maybe a sense of pervading uselessness, the work of artist Thorsten Brinkmann might give you a little reminder to find inspiration you need. Collecting ordinary objects, the disregarded rubbish of