Saturated Sensuality by Photographer duo Stevie + Mada
Los Angeles based photographer duo Stevie Verroca and Mada Refujio, aka Stevie + Mada, bring bold saturated color and stylized dynamo to their Mert & Marcus inspired imagery. The pair began photographing in 2005, but their flair for effortlessly balancing both model and environment in visually stimulating and stylistically focused photographs is quickly becoming noticed.


Portraits of Global Heritage
In this beautiful photographic series of conceptual portraits artist, Marie Hudelot explored the symbolic attributes shared between east and west family legacy, specifically between France and Algeria.


The Flatness
The title of this series of photographs, by Erin O’Keefe, refers to both the material flatness of the photograph itself, as well as the perceptual flattening of the still life space. The images in this series explore the tendency of the camera to flatten pictorial space


Hoflehner’s Patience
Written by Mateus Andrade Silence, secluded and empty spaces are the main themes of the body of work titled Patience from the Austrian photographer Joseph Hoflehner. Showcasing unique locations as perfect examples of the dynamic between man-made


Yes, Master: “In Service” by Julia Fullerton-Batten
Written by Anna Canlas   Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten explores the decadence of the Edwardian era in her new series, “In Service.” Recreating the abusive relationships of the wealthy with their servants, she staged vignettes that depict episodes of exploitation, some of them sexual in nature. “I was fortunate to find three stately homes