Inside Women’s Shells

Photographer for over fifteen years, Brigitte Niedermair carries on her woman body exploration through bounteous fashion shots.


Flower Photography By Ja Soon Kim

The photography of Ja Soon Kim is beautifully arranged and structured. Focusing on wild flora and fruit, the artist gathers dried leaves …


Lost Marbles by Martina Maffini

During her 2013 trip in Rome, photographer Martina Maffini met a marble sculptor with a rare collection of ancient stones.


Vanities ‘Still’ Inspire

‘Still’ is a series of unlit scenes whose the theme is vanity. The painterly pictures are shot by Felix Forest with the collaboration of …


Brightly Lightly

Lightly is an Australian independent design studio, run by Cindy-Lee Davies.


Self Portrait by Anna Di Prospero

Staging herself in the middle of contemporary buildings all around the world, Italian photographer Anna Di Prospero interacts with her en…