Philip Karlberg for Synsam Eyewear


Another in the blossoming trend of still life campaigns, this whimsical campaign by photographer Philip Karlberg features the products of eyewear label Synsam. To accentuate the classic styles, Karlberg uses kid-friendly colors, toy trains, and magnifying glasses to emphasize the nostalgic feel of the glasses. The photographs also clearly highlight the impeccable quality and strength of the eyewear, and Synsam in fact guarantees customers a new pair of glasses if theirs break for any reason.







Deeksha Mehta

Year Born: 1994
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 4-5
Last cool project you worked on: Going to New York Fashion Week for my school's paper
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: Spice
Top 3 Places: India, San Francisco, Upper East Side Manhattan
Next destination: Paris
Generation favorite: Harry Potter