Petra Storrs : Camellia & The Rabbit

Tea, and story telling are soul mates. That is why Petra Storrs and Rachel Snider have made an inspired ode to these Bfs. In this series we see a labor of love and playfulness that I think any tea company would be sad they didn’t think of it first.  A girl stands in a giant tea cup, dressed in blue and white body suit motif, with a metal breastplate resembling a custom tea globe, tea bag rabbit ears and a body sized tea spoon. It is absolutely charming, and makes me want the perfect cup of Royal Doulton tea.

Performed by Rachel Snider
Props designed and made by Petra Storrs
Design Assistant Tash Dean
Photographs by Becky Palmer
Makeup by Monica Storrs

For more information, visit

art becky palmer camellia & the rabbitt camellia and the rabbit monica storrs performance art Petra Storrs PHOTOGRAPHY Rachel Snider stories tash dean tea
Robyn Germanese

Year Born: 1981
Location: Toronto // How many hours a day are you on the web? 4-8
Last cool project you worked on: Art of Fashion 2012 (Toronto, for Nuit Blanche)
Coolest person you know personally: My mother (she works sometimes 9 jobs at a time, makes Broadway divas look like shrinking violets, and has the best vocabulary.
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: Yukaii (Japanese fusion- they have been closed for a long time due to fire from fire bombings that are frequent in my neighborhood)
Top 3 Places: Oaxaca, Tofino, my bed
Next destination: Italy, Scotland, Australia
Generation favorite: for fashion, art and music it changes all the time, but if I had to choose one it would be 1940s.

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