Peter Zéglis Photography

Written By Guest Blogger Anita Wu

Stumbling onto the ever-growing edgy art scene – Greek civil infrastructure engineer turned photographer Peter Zéglis has arrived. Having compiled an impressive repertoire of work with nine photo series to date, Zéglis has managed to emerge as a diamond out of the rough with his unique photo series, which are softened by the tranquil colour scheme of blues, green and beige.


As his biography suggests, Zéglis stunning masterpieces “seek neither truth or evidence”, but rather the exploration of erasing traditional painting and rendering beauty through the medium of lenses. Showcased below are some of Trendland’s personal favourites – Urban, Beach, Island II and the Vegetation series. These four particular compilations explore the dynamic juxtapositions of colour, crisp detail and framing. Zéglis’ work removes the presence of a physical object, allowing the spectator’s perception of the organic imagery becomes an experience of itself.

Moreover, Peter Zéglis topography remains astounding, nostalgic and in some cases (such as the Island series) in reverence.

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