Pencil Packaging Design

Designed by Switzerland artist Kevin Angeloni here is his “other way of seeing the gray pencil that everyone knows and is an indispensable tool for all creatives.”  The pencil is contained in a thin glass cylinder topped with a cork. Everything is placed in a plexiglass holder.

Designed by Austrian designer Swann Marchon this packaging concept for HB pencils which doubles as a container and is intended to be displayed on ones’ desk.

Considering art and design supplies are largely geared towards creative people it is constantly surprising how dreadful their packaging solutions can be.

Thanks to LovelyPackage for those finds!

Design packaging Pencil Pencil Packaging Design
Cyril Foiret

French Trendsetter, living & working in New York : art direction, trend forecasting, styling and designing are part of my daily activities. PS: Sorry for my French, I don't pretend to be a writer and I know that my writing is not the best...

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