Paper Doll Series : Styling Tips

paper dolls-Miko_6

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  • R.davies

    ? love it!

  • Tanyajo

    For many of us the seeds of “Fashion-Obsession” were sewn in our early years, a time I like to refer to as….
    “The Days of Danskins & Dolls.”  And this “Paper Doll Series” is a fun way to look at some of Fall’s chicest trends, and a unique diversion from the endless “Runway” images from SFW (and tugs at my little tutu-loving heart).   tanyajo @

  • Marcia Wong

    I like how they pair the wool cape with the leather skirt together, very unexpected yet avant-garde. Also, I would like to say that the idea of displaying styling tips on paper dolls is a brilliant idea.