Tonys Toys : The Power Divide Between Man and Woman
By Kari Indergaard Sundli - 17 Nov 2014
Anders Krisar is a Stockholm-based artist and photographer who works with a vast array of art, from the human body to nature landscapes.
By Tara Lange - 17 Nov 2014
La Suite West is Located in Notting Hill, near the iconic Hyde Park in London. The posh hotel is sleek, minimal and completely cozy; exactly the kind of comforting welcome you expect after a transatlantic flight.
By Cyril Foiret - 14 Nov 2014
By Angela Gleason - 14 Nov 2014
At first listen, this track is reminiscent of Kiesza’s Hideaway jam, a 90s influence lined with Yamaha tricks and distance vocals before it gets disco and comes full circle dance.
By Kari Indergaard Sundli - 14 Nov 2014
Amsterdam-based, self-taught photographer Sander Meisner has made a series called “Spatial Arrangements”, an interesting take on empty spaces and objects becoming sculptures in our cities which have been arranged unintentionally.
By Ani Tzenkova - 14 Nov 2014
TONYS TOYS is the first photo book by Irish photographer and artist Tony Kelly. It is a self-published, handmade piece of photographic art.