Kirsikka Simberg’s Styling
By Cyril Foiret - 11 Jul 2014
In this Flower Man series, Danish photographer Ken Hermann offers us beautiful portraits of flowers sellers from the famous Mallick Ghat market in Calcutta. Slightly surreal I love the muted background and
  Our favorite indie pop act, the sweet and sensational Wet, bring us their latest release “Move Me” via Kitty Cash’s Mixtape which drops July 22nd. The Brooklyn based outfit won us over with their self titled EP showing depth and maturity that oozes from every chord, every melody, and every lyric that the trio […]
By Alexander Tzenkov - 11 Jul 2014
By Anna Canlas - 10 Jul 2014
By Anna Canlas - 09 Jul 2014
No fire necessary for this scallop recipe from Martin Morales’ cookbook, Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen. Diced chili adds the heat to this raw dish
By Guest Blogger - 09 Jul 2014
Written by Mateus Andrade   The food photography trend is firmly established in cookbooks as of late (blogs and social media as well). As any success story, someone has to take the back seat; in this case gracious food illustrations.
By Alexander Tzenkov - 09 Jul 2014
It’s a rare feat when a musical act can find the perfect unity between sound and motion picture, just like a prosperous marriage creating a bond that empowers and complements both parts independently simultaneously creating a union that is much stronger and lasting much longer than would be possible alone.  Uk based Jungle do just […]