Architectural Light Art
By Kari Indergaard Sundli - 24 Nov 2014
Just because ideas aren’t multiple or part of any collection, NLXL says they shouldn’t be shelved.
By Josh Walker - 24 Nov 2014
A point of inspiration for some and a tool to help convey thought and feeling for others, the natural world has always been an endless source of artistic reference. For Dan Holdsworth, it’s no different.
By Guest Blogger - 23 Nov 2014
By Josh Walker - 23 Nov 2014
California born Johanna Grawunder is something of a light artist. Having said to Dwell magazine that a turned-off chandelier is “one of the saddest things in the world,” her desire to illuminate is realized in a stylized manner.
By Ada Alti - 21 Nov 2014
  On October 23rd, West Hollywood’s De Re Gallery was overwhelmed with the coolest crowd and a star-studded guest list. The man of the night, was the iconic photographer Brian Bowen Smith who presented his first solo exhibition, WILDLIFE.
By Kari Indergaard Sundli - 20 Nov 2014
Exposed brick walls and brass lighting sounds indicative of downtown Manhattan hotspots, but The Musket Room exceeds this exemplification with their Nolita nook of modern New Zealand fare.