Future of Food Experience
By Ani Tzenkova - 22 Dec 2014
Design Duo Koz Susani have been working on bringing a new food concept to life that would transform the culture of eating altogether. “Just add Water” is a set of appliances which connect to an app that answers the tells you what to eat for dinner, and then makes it for you.
By Cyril Foiret - 22 Dec 2014
For the second phase of its inaugural program, the Louis Vuitton Foundation presents a new exhibition entitled “Contact” accompanied by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.
By Ani Tzenkova - 19 Dec 2014
By Ani Tzenkova - 19 Dec 2014
Photographer Christoffer Dalkaris captures ACNE’s previous jewelry collection for us in these beautiful still life shots.
By Guest Blogger - 19 Dec 2014
Formally known as Mosi Bicycles, San Franciscan bicycle creators Mozie introduce a new range of vintage European styled bicycles that boast equal parts fashion and function…
By Guest Blogger - 18 Dec 2014
Bratislava-based photographer Mariá Svarbová returns with yet another enigmatic and carefully executed editorial, this time around with mannequins as protagonists and surroundings perfect for intelligence work, of course, with her signature penchant for paranoia.