Kirsikka Simberg’s Styling
By Cyril Foiret - 09 Jan 2013
This beautiful two story house in Williamsburg is the home of artist Anthony Goicolea and his partner Paul Kelterborn. The couple originally bought the 1,200 square foot building for $625,000 in 2006, after 3 years of work and an estimated
By Amanda Jakubik - 09 Jan 2013
Sometimes, all one wants in life is to enjoy the company of friends over 6pm aperitifs. 
By Amanda Jakubik - 09 Jan 2013
By Emily Elyse Miller - 09 Jan 2013
Japanese food artist is surreally inspired. Everything thats comes out of the concept kitchen of Ayako Suwa looks as if it was thought up by a mad scientist. 
By Robyn Germanese - 08 Jan 2013
It is not just some cliché speaking when we say Alba Prat puts her heart in her latest collection, because her actually does. Her ombré like prints are done using special software which visualizes her heartbeat. The result is at once elegant and calm, sporty and bright.
By Amanda Jakubik - 08 Jan 2013
To be exhibited at the 2013 IMM Cologne show in Germany, Thailand based designer Jakkapun Charinratana of Studio248 has created this Cutting Edge Chair.