‘ORSON, I’m Home’ by Armin Blasbichler

Written by Guest Blogger Madeline Rudin

Every so often, animal activists disregard a controversial deer head mounted on the wall, or look past a lady with a fox fur coat. “Orson, I’m Home” a limited edition 5-part series of taxidermy tables by Armin Blasbichler, makes turning a blind eye nearly impossible.   The collection, intended to exploit over consumption in the West, portrays five commonly consumed animals in ways that may be unsettling to even the most carnivorous huntsman.  A stuffed sow with a plate of glass on its back serves as a coffee table and a deer’s legs have been extracted to support a console covered in its own skin, but that’s not all. One pig, one sheep, one deer, four cattle, and 11 chickens were used to complete the mammalian meets avian menagerie.  Whether paying homage to the livestock or delivering a slap on the wrist to those who consume it, any meal atop a taxidermy table is a recipe for an interesting dinner conversation.

for more info, see studio.arminblasbichler.com


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