Orestis Lazouras’ Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations

When fashion and illustrations join forces, it’s a joy that’s indescribable, really. Our latest discovery, Greek-Cypriot illustrator Orestis Lazouras, has a great psychedelic point of view on fashion.  Lazouras creates chromatically coordinated mood boards, with one main image in focus. Although, the hidden appeal lies in the fact that, somewhere among the repetitive layers there is always the element of nature and the senses; sight, smell, touch. Reminds me of being in the vortex of a fashion hangover, which would be interesting, at the very least.

More information on: www.armadildos.blogspot.gr

Ada Alti

Fashion blogger / fashion writer, on the mission of digging deeper in the relation between fashion and art. Passionate about poetry and impeccable spelling.