One Management S/S 2010 Models Card



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  • Karen

    I love those ! would love to know the artist too !

  • Mini Boss

    ya these are perfect! definitely contemporary tho.

  • Rafael Costa

    #15 Harpers Bazaar (April 1965)
    This cover of Harpers Bazaar is a photograph of model Jean Shrimpton by photographer Richard Avedon. The cover of Shrimpton peering from behind a bright pink Day-Glo space helmet was designed by Art Directors Ruth Ansel and Bea Feitler. This photograph, with the Harpers Bazaar logo vibrating against it in acid green has been often reproduced as an emblem of the sixties.

  • Emo

    Nice =] I like it =P

  • Emo Girl

    such beautiful artwork.

  • Laronda Marandola

    When I view your RSS feed it gives me a bunch of weird text, is the malfunction on my end?

  • Cyril Style

    probably on your side, our feed are at or -