Shari Creed’s NY Loft Interior Design

ny loft interiors-shari creed-1


  • Rachelle

    This is beautiful. I’m entirely inspired. My apartment’s now got something coming.

  • Edwin Himself

    Im sure its a really nice loft to live in and reminds me of maryam -nassir-zadeh store in nyc. Im afraid some parts of it are still very 1980s, if I see one more pile of luggage or a little dog dressed up as a clown.

  • Howard Wiggins of Hearthstone Interior Design

    I agree with Oscar Wilde1s quote ” I have the simplest of taste. I am always satisfied with the best.”

  • nik garcia

    Are you kidding? This place looks like left overs from Salvation Army. A bunch of junk thrown together is not the best of taste. It’s no taste. Sorry, who ever decorated this, needs to hire someone with some taste for a make over. What a dump.

  • michael jones

    I came across this post, looking for ideas for design. I just moved into Tribeca and thought I could get inspired. This loft is crap. What are you thinking by posting some grandma’s loft.

  • Cyril Style

    Michael, Im not fan either! but it was for doing a favor to the loft owner…. But if you have better in Tribecca, we would love to shoot it as well..Interested ?
    Also you might be more interested about this post for inspiration :

  • Mini Boss

    michael: i guess this is probably a bit more up your alley…

  • christian m.

    Came across this post. Shari Creed, really? What a bitch. That’s her rep.

  • robert z.

    Pots and pans, an old trunk and a plant in a sink. How inspired. WTF

  • Cyril Foiret

    ahah, Robert thats a good one! oh your forget ‘and some chairs on the wall’ – but as I mentioned earlier it’s not my favorite loft design as well…

    Also if you do have a cool loft, we would love to come and shoot it…

  • Gericusenza

    do you have a spanish -asian fusion interior design

  • Gericusenza

    do you have a spanish -asian fusion interior design