NOTWASTE furniture artfully balance playfulness and functionality. NOTWASTE is a Mexico-based furniture brand collaborating with young designers from all around the world. It was founded in 2012 by Kristian Almonte and Attanasio Mazzone  and, as its name suggests, it applies a resourceful approach throughout the design process. The intelligently designed objects all feature OSB wood, giving them a light and unassuming appeal.

notwastedesign-clara-by bricardo casas

notwastedesign-mimi and coco-by gaia bottari

notwastedesign-spira-by emilio zavala

notwastedesign-transportable table-Horacio Rodríguez

notwastedesign-consola-by jorge diego

notwastedesign-stool case-attanasio mazzone

notwastedesign-pancha-by christian vivanco

notwastedesign-fafa-by nadia gomez

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