Next Restaurant’s “The Hunt”

Are you ready for “The Hunt?” Chicago based Next Restaurant is gearing up for another culinary adventure. They have released this beautifully crafted video of their latest tasting menu theme, filled with wild game and all things earthen.  A composed salad served on edible bark, hen of the woods mushrooms presented in a delicate glass box, and of course all of the most delectable wild game you could imagine prepared with an intricate thoughtfulness for every element. Tickets are pre-sold for these hot-ticket dinners and sell out almost instantly. If you are lucky enough to enjoy one of these meals put out by chef  Grant Achatz, it will surely make your foodie friends jealous.  This is Anchatz’s second hyper-successful Chicago venture, his other being the three Michelin star Alinea. For all you vegetarians out there don’t feel dismay because the seasonally changing menu of Next features a “Vegan” theme next season.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Next Restaurant

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