New Video from The xx: Chained

Written by Guest Blogger Marta Baniukiewicz The xx’s new video for the track Chained, the second single from their latest album Coexist released on 5th of September by Young Turks, is breathtakingly beautiful, cinematic, and interesting, everything one could hope for in a music video. It features band members descending in a giant water reservoir and refers to them talking about a relationship between a man and a woman, here trapped together in the submerged space. Shot mostly underwater, with exaggerated slo-mo, a simplistic palette of grays and dark hues striates with elements of rainbow patterns, and the video is visually united with already powerful yet calm tune influenced by synth and R&B. Directed by Young Replicant as a part of The Creators Project, the VICE x Intel media collaboration.

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