Natalia Grzybowski’s Hybrid Collection

There just isn’t anything not to like about Natalia Grzybowski‘s Hybrid collection. The beautiful designs pretty much run the gamut, combining the natural with the synthetic and technological, the simple silhouette with the elaborate textile design.

This conceptual Spring/Summer 2012 collection is described as being intentionally “part-human, part-botanic” in order to “redefine our current visual interpretation of the female cyber-organism”.

Coming in two distinct parts: A Blank Canvas: Hybrid White and Hybrid: Printed, “each piece is an art form within itself, complementing, without overtly sexualising the female form, using shapes that are simultaneously structured, yet soft, mimicking the form of a flower.”
















Katrina Tan

A brand manager and magazine editor with a love for stories. Always wanting to know the whys and hows behind the art and the artist, Katrina also runs SUPERVISION. As such, her days are usually spent with her eyes on the Net and the streets, looking for the most interesting/opinionated/all-around fun work.