Mjölk A/W 09 Collection Inspired by Walt Whitman


Inspired by a father’s oversized jackets, school uniforms, the melding of generations, themes of abandonment and renewal and American poet Walt Whitman, Australian label Please register to view this post.


  • http://cyanaboutique.com Mini Boss

    nerd alert! :)

  • Fed

    OMG why is it every time there is a collection on here that has slightly tailored propositions on a young model someone always ALWAYS has to go with the “nerd” / “geek” descriptives.. Mini Boss get over it!!! Please!! Seriously get a clue. . its asinine and tiresome. Put down teen vogue and read a book! (no offence teen vogue)

    A really tight collection, well thought out. Love the colors and texture. One of the best mens of the season.

    Thanks Isabelle!

  • http://www.themobilediary.com Cyril Style

    Fed, Dont get offended! First of all, she’s talking about the model, second of all we really like the collection and third of all Teen vogue is sent to the office but is never opened and goes to the trash without opening it!

    The collection is great and I would wear pretty much every single pieces, but hey the model looks like shit a Nerd, im sorry! And im sorry if you taking so personally… But maybe you are a “nerd” / “geek” too?

    Ps: dont forget that Trendland is ours and we filtered every content we review and if there is as much as “nerd”/”geek” descriptives as you saying, it means maybe, that its a trend and we dont mind it!

  • http://cyanaboutique.com Mini Boss

    hahaha! lets get in the ring buddy! sorry if i have offended your kind or tickled a soft soft.ive been following mjolk since their first collection, so whatever my comment may have seemed like, it was not negative. lighten up, we are talking about fashion not Dostoevsky. and C, i always read through Teen Vogue when we get it, before it goes in the dump. it is one of the truest to its demographic publications left.

  • Isabelle

    Well at least it got the people talking!

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