Minna Parikka: Shoes From A Dream

It’s always interesting to watch a major fashion trend penetrating into the work of different designers. You never know

whether all of them suddenly woke up with the same exact idea or they just follow the market needs for the sake of commercial success. It seems that Minna Parikka, a shoe designer from Finland, once had the same dream as Riccardo Tisci and Nicolas Ghesquiere, coming out with the design for a pretty pair of wooden platform and Plexiglass heel shoes, not really typical for the brand at all but looking fresh and outstanding. This new direction is for sure a step up for the brand, which completely changed the whole Minna Parikka universe. Hopefully, there will be more nice Minna Parikka fashion toys like these to play with.






For more information, visit www.minnaparikka.com


designer Finland Minna Parikka Plexiglas shoes TRENDS

Year Born: 1986
Location: NYC, usually - Yekaterinburg or Moscow, Russia // How many hours a day are you on the web? Much more than I wish I was. About 10
Last cool project you worked on: Actually, it is still in process. It's an editorial for Louis Vuitton Russia. Coolest person you know personally: My fashionista father

Best place to eat in your neighborhood: (MOSCOW) Denis Simachev bar is a nice place not only to eat but to meet cool people and have great time at crazy parties.
Top 3 Places: Garage. Center for contemporary culture, TSUM department store, Red Square
Next destination: Paris
Best hotel/place you visited last year: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA
Generation favorite: It's hard to think of just one, there are so many talented people I admire

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