Minimalist Poster Series of Popular TV Shows


Amazing or not?!! The minimalistic posters of popular tv shows by UK print Art Director Exergian. He uses  iconic symbols from each show t......

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  • robb

    i like heroes, prison break, and friends poster.
    it really describe with a very simple illustration.

  • John Taylor

    Reminds me a lot of some stuff I did earlier this year…

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  • ebba n


  • admx

    awesome designs!!! Great composition :)

  • OneDay

    These are fabulous. The Wire & True Blood are my favorites!

  • Maggie

    I especially like the Friends, Mad Men, and Sex and the City.
    However, the Simpsons one just screams Charlie Brown. It couldn’t actually work.
    They’re all gorgeous! :)

  • NND

    I lol’d at the Californication one.

  • wilheim

    Reminds me of some work I did back in the 50’s

  • John Taylor

    Here’s the stuff I did that it reminds of:

  • chloe

    whats the Friends one? I’m sorry.. I don’t see it. I imagine it’s not a Christmas ornament or cannon ball…. But I love all of these. They’re clear and clever.

  • Stephy

    Can we buy these somewhere?? I’m very interested!

  • Moo

    The Friends one is an aerial view of a coffee cup. Central Perk, anyone? =)

  • Josh

    The Friends one is a cup of coffee.

  • Cyril Style

    Stephy, i know those poster are amazing, you probably have to contact him here :

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  • jdkale

    I don’t get the Mad Men one. What is that supposed to be?

  • Cyril Style

    Jdkale, the Mad Men one is a glass of Whiskey – If you watch the show, you should know that its pretty much the only thing they drink. So its taken as the iconic (minimalist) illustration to represent the show. Im agree that he could have design something more related to their 50s style, but i guess its a good one too !

  • Alex Aguirre

    Very good indeed. I would have loved a poster for grey’s anatomy…

  • sue

    hmmm, i am not 100% sure, but isn’t this art direction from an Austrian company?
    at least on their website the number is with a prefix +43, ergo Austrian phone no. :)
    also most of the work featured seem to be for Austrian/ Viennese brands/ publications :)

    but love your contributions to trendland, always.

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  • nushka

    hey, u didn’t do Seinfeld!!! :(

  • joel bucio


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