Mikky Ekko: Pull Me Down

The track “Pull Me Down” by the Nashville-based singer-songwritter Mikky Ekko caused quite a ruckus.  Ryan Hemsworth has put his spin on it as well as T. Williams, who gave a funky remix for the track.

“Pull Me Down” is originally co-produced (Mikky pitched in too) by the hip-hop beatmaker Clams Casino, who never shift gears, and stays up with his signature: a rich mix of tranquil, disorienting and overwhelming sounds.  Always works.  Mikki caught his attention with the blues track “Who Are You, Really?”, after posting it online in 2010.  Ekko is also featured on Rihanna’s seventh album, Unapologetic on the track “Stay”, becoming Ekko’s first-charting material.

Listen to all the versions below.
Pull Me Down (Written and produced by Clams Casino)BUY IT HERE

      4. Pull Me Down (written and produced by Clams Casino)

Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
      5. Pull Me Down(Ryan Hemsworth)

Pull Me Down (T. Williams Remix)
      6. Pull Me Down (T.Williams Remix)

for more information, visit www.mikkyekko.com

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