Mierswa – Kluska Photography

Andrea Mierswa and Markus Kluska are a Bavarian duo that who work under the moniker Mierswa – Kluska.  Based in Munich, the duo are highly influenced by the digital technologies that came about in photography throughout the Nineties — a time in which they each honed their craft before coming together professionally in 1997. Bold and graphic, these two are tapped by a bevy of commercial clients from the fashion, jewelry and automotive worlds to create iconic still lifes portraying objects of desire.

The duo count experimental exposure techniques, film treatments and set building as much a part of their sensibility as their excitement by the history of photography which they share.  Citing the Czech avant-garde photography of the 1920s, the light pendulum figures of Peter Keetman and the “unsettling and absurd compositions of Guy Bourdin” all as historic references for their work, the two stay on the cutting edge by combining creativity and technology in their obsession to create the perfect image.

“The visualization of an attitude is the beginning of these invented photographs.” – Mierswa – Kluska


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