Matthias Heiderich Photography

German photographer Matthias Heiderich is quickly becoming one of Trendland’s most anticipated artists yet. Having covered his previous graphic architectural work such as Color Berlin, Iso Berlin and Snow Blind, Heiderich has continued to evolve with a fantastic twenty one collections to date.


With a remarkable gift of capturing the wonderfully vibrant scenery and crisp details of his subjects, Heiderich’s work always manages to show great depth. Over time, his technique has matured by dabbling with contrasting colour schemes from childishly bright to broody greyscales. Together Heiderich manages to effortlessly interact the colour palette with the subjects and the negative space to create both powerful and memorable photos.


His work is hard to miss and for that reason, here are a select number of images selected by yours truly to celebrate the vivid masterwork of Matthias Heiderich.


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