Matthew Cusick Map Collages

As a master of collage, the New York-based artist Matthew Cusick creates beautiful works of art, crafted entirely from recycled maps. In this series he’s cut out antiquated cartographic works, including old encyclopedias, textbooks, roadmaps, and atlases, and layer after layer gave life to these incredible waves, that look like paintings or drawings, if looked at from afar.

Inspired by topography, the artist states that he likes to “catalog, archive, and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate, and reconfigure it. I could combine fragments from different maps and construct geographical timelines within my paintings. “

For Matthew Cusick, the collage is like a privileged medium, a sort of time capsule, that can preserve the ephemera of the past.

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atlases cartographic works Collages encyclopedias maps Matthew Cusick roadmaps textbooks
Margherita Visentini

Year Born: 1982
Location: Madrid // How many hours a day are you on the web? Too much to say
Last cool project you worked on: A photoshoot
Coolest person you know personally: my 1 year old nephew
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: Don Zoko, a japanese de toda la vida
Top 3 Places: Hoi An, Vietnam. Provence. Menorca.
Next destination: Lisbon
Best hotel/place you visited last year: Six Senses Con Dao Island, Vietnam.
Generation favorite: Do you know Wes Anderson?

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