Marion Bolognesi Watercolor Faces



  • Glory

    Its interesting the artist mainly focuses on the eyes. I like the motif of the water color drips from the eyes. Overall, they are beautifully done.

  • kuena


  • Amelia

    I think these are absolutely amazing! soo beautiful with the emotion and colours. I have one saved as the background of my laptop, I love it. You are very talented.

  • luiz

    should printed on shirts! nice

  • fajas colombianas

    This would look very nice on tshirts. And especially when those eyes are yours.

  • Maisie Weinschenk

    These are so accessible yet original! I could see how one could take these in so many different directions. From graphic tees, to advertising logos, to find art in a gallery. Well done!

  • Randa


  • HeyKaren

    Haha I love it, good job.

  • Zyll

    Ever notice how this is such a ‘t-shirt’ time in History for Art.

    What I love about your art is that I can actually see the person that was the inspiration or the model.

    You don’t appear to be doing the generic ‘attractive face’ model but painting real people that are naturally attractive and showing how just a glimpse can have such impact.

    To me the dripping always conveys emotional movement.

  • austin

    awesome paintings,I’m only 13 but I’ve had a passion for art all my life and recently have been focusing on the human eyes myself I’m more of a pencil and paper type of person but looking at your art makes me want to learn to paint, thanks so much for sharing.

  • Sam

    Oh my god, I never really like the paintings I see on StumbleUpon but these are so amazing. I never comment on anything either but I had to comment on this, they’re brilliant and I cannot stop looking at them. Just amazing.

  • shirley

    these are absolutely amazing. I love the way the colors are used to bestow depth and mystery to the eyes. Its almost as if you are not looking at a painting but rather into a real person’s eyes. Never seen anyone achieve such a result with water color. Really good work.

  • Dick Plat

    impressive, and amazing to see how many styles in watercolor are possible

  • Trevor

    very cool, i loves the colors, it looks like colors were just splashed on the page and an images was revealed.

  • Kathy

    hm, slightly disturbing…

  • Beverly Hills Honey

    Love these <3 some more awesome artists here…

  • Aoise

    Such “eye catching work”! I just cant stop looking- Amazing

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  • chermaine

    i love the way you paint :) its really pretty and unique! inspires me to paint like you! :)

  • Maria

    It looks so effortless… I know it’s not :D Love it

  • Sherry Kay

    I dearly love these faces!!! Such wonderful talent!!!!

  • Zoe

    wow this is incredible!!!!