MAC Cosmetics “Colour Forecast” Video

For the seventh straight year, this strategic communications project once again united We Are Plus co-creative directors, Jeremy Hollister and Judy Wellfare, and their colleagues with M•A•C Cosmetics’ senior executives, including SVP/Creative Director, James Gager, VP/Design, Toni Lakis, Executive Director/Producer, Cindy Carrandi, and Director/Design, Loann Lam.

“Their challenge this year was to create an audiovisual kaleidoscope of emotional responses to color, centered around the four key colors of M•A•C’s Spring Forecast collection: pink, coral, purple and gold,” Wellfare explained. Working with We Are Plus projects producer Zu Al-Kadiri, production manager Nannette Nelms, and senior designer/animator Laura Rieland to bring “Spring Colour Forecast” to life involved combining original live-action cinematography with artistic design elements created entirely in-house.”

* For more information visit : | Jeremy Holister | MAC Cosmetics
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