Lukasz Dziewic’s ‘Paper Part Of Me’ For HungerTV

Hunger’s latest fashion editorial serves up a delicious helping of what we’re always craving: creativity ! Playful paper drawings are a stroke of genius in the Lukasz Dziewic-shot story, while an inspired palette of vibrant jewel tones sets the mood for modern, mashed up glamour; Karina, Ewa, Magda, Nadia, Nicole, Sonia and Irina all star in the Robert Kielb-styled, Magdalena Pankiewicz-illustrated story.

photography Lukas Dziewic
illustration Magdalena Pankiewicz
stylist Robert Kielb
photographer’s assistant Pawel Derkacz
make-up Adrian Swiderski and Kasia Zaremba
hair Kajetan Góra and Michal Maliszewski
models Karina, Ewa, Magda – Model Plus Nadia, Irina – Rebel models, Natalia – D’ Vision, Nicole – Neva Models,

fashion editorial illustration Lukasz Dziewic Magdalena Pankiewicz mixed media PHOTOGRAPHY
Amanda Jakubik

Year Born: 1987
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 5
Last cool project you worked on: Taste tasting
Coolest person you know personally: Moe Money
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: The Breslin
Top 3 Places: Rome, Lake Washington, My apartment
Best hotel/place you visited last year: Definitely South Beach with the homies
Next destination: Jamaica
Generation favorite: Coachella

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