Lucas Zimmermann Loves to Shoot ‘Traffic Lights’

German photographer Lucas Zimmermann is fascinated by the possibility that light is ‘visible’ in fog. He recently completed a very nice series of traffic lights on deserted foggy night roads. taken in a dense fog which incredibly revealed the streams of colored light emitted by the signals.

His technique is a 5 to 20 second long exposure and then adjust the color temperature in post production. All the photos were taken near Weimar, Germany. Zimmermann said that he started the project in 2013, and then it took him two years to finally go out again and progress on the series.

‘The possibility that light is “visible” in fog fascinates me,’

said Zimmermann.

‘The unknown hue of blueish light is like the fog hidden for the human eye, but the photograph shows us things we otherwise overlook, such as a simple traffic light on the street. An all known object which produces a strong effect in an unnatural situation with a simple photographic setup.’

Zimmermann’s Traffic Lights series can be seen on his 500px

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