Lowdi: The Wireless Speaker that you need!

Lowdi is a beautiful wireless speaker that turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable sound system, with a gorgeous branding and an amazing sound, Lowdi is the smallest wireless speaker around, measuring no longer than a pencil and half as high. It even comes with everything it needs to work straight out the box. Lowdi is available for order at www.lowdi.com for the also small price of € 99 ($130).

Lowdi was born when Simplicity and Portability met in a crowded party. They agreed: those big speakers sitting in the corner of the room never go anywhere! How boring. So, Simplicity and Portability combined. A short time later little Lowdi was born. To everyone´s surprise, not only was Lowdi compact and portable, he was affordable and easy to use. With a Bluetooth® connection, he´s even wireless.


Lowdi is a collaboration between Linkeet, Momkai, and Present Plus.

Awesome video by CRCR a collective of (talented) video makers and motion graphic artists.


€ 99 ($130), Order before the 20th with Delivery before Christmas guaranteed

More information at www.lowdi.com

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