Look. Don’t touch! Samsung Electronics launches Smart TV



  • isa

    Are you serious? I’m usually a fan of the stuff you put up here, but just cause she’s a friend of Trendland doesn’t mean you have to be completely uncritical about this commercial. The objectification of the woman, and also the patronizing of the men, is so sad to me.. it’s like a commercial from the 50’s?? For Samsung to promote a Smart TV with such a medieval view on gender roles.. I guess the only smart thing about this really is the TV..

  • Scott Williams

    And she lives in Apt 69, nice touch.

  • Trendstop

    This is amazing technology – definitely the future!

  • George Vreeland Hill

    Love the ad and her!

    George Vreeland Hill

  • http://twitter.com/enigmachine John

    ┬áIf it looks too good to be true…

    You’d have to run over there and check, though.