Living Modern Tropical

When one thinks of a “modernist” space, one tends to think in terms of “above the equator”. Tropical space design has been synonymous with everything but “modernist”.  The creators of Living Modern Tropical, photographer Richard Powers and author Phyllis Richardson have done a beautiful job in proving that this limited thought is another unfounded stereotype needing immediate abolishment. After all, what is a modern space? Clean lines, sophisticated color combinations and productive use of materials and space. By eliminating unnecessary visual clutter, the space opens up into areas conducive to lounging, relaxing and stilling the mind and spirit. Set up in 10 sections: Nature, Water, Architecture, Elements, Light, Function, Furniture, Details, Materials and Outdoors, Powers and Richardson  have created a visual journey of modern spaces in the tropics which will serve not only as stunning eye candy but an incredible resource for your own design journey.

Purchase Living Modern Tropical: A Sourcebook of Stylish Interiors HERE

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