Lisa Candela : Colors of Mexico

lisa candela-baby bikini


  • Andrés C

    I’m actually from Mexico and i think Lisa Candela did a great job in this series of Mexico. I think she really gave a very stylish look to the way folklore things work here. Though i miss a little more of “mexican pink” in the pictures i think this is a hell of a job.
    The photographs has this foreign look of what Mexico is and i really loved it.
    Less than a year or so, David Lachapelle did a series for a mexican beer “XX lager” and he (and the creatives of the ad agency) really misunderstood the mexican culture. He wanted to do what he always do: a stylish kitsch. But he didn’t see that Mexico is kitsch by nature: in its culture, in its art. So his work looks very weak and false, and first of all zero innovative (which was the objective of the campaign). We’ve been doing kitsch “art” for centuries.
    But looking at the images of Lisa Candela, I think she would’ve made a greater work for XX lager.

  • Andrés C

    well, looking at her site, i don’t miss the pink anymore =)

  • joao araujo

    you need to improve the backgroud of the site it makes me dizzy to read

  • bobo

    Whats with the kiddie porn???

  • Mini Boss

    i mean, its all in the mind of the perciever. i think its soft and beautiful, nothing porn like about it but then again i guess some people can be aroused by fucked up things!

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  • Brittany Sowacke

    Calling Mexico a third world country is a bit of a bold statement. Yes, areas are poor, but it is not at all close to what would be defined by a “third world country.” To be more P.C., “developing country” is better and far less offensive.

  • Mini Boss

    i see how its not too “PC” to call mexico 3rd world but i guess that’s a major reason i work for myself and not anyone else, cause being pc is not what i want to think about. when i say third world i guess places with a lot of corruption and a pretty insignificant middle class kinda fit into that bracket as well.

  • ms Givens

    Your post are my favorite.
    I have been to Mexico 7 times. I have friends there. Wish I was there now.
    The peacock picture speaks to me!

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