Let’s Make a Lego Table!

– How much did it cost to make?
$990 (€765,07) See here for cost breakdown


– How big is your table?
6ft (188,3cm) by 3ft (87,9cm)

– How long did it take to build?
8 hours to put all the Lego together. 7 Weeks from design to the end product!


– How did you fix the multiplex to the frame?
Brackets and screws. These prevent the top from moving sideways. Currently u can still lift up the top. If that proves to be problematic I will drill holes in the frame at the points where the frame is already open to attach the legs. (See Torsby frame instructions http://tinyurl.com/8npaf4x) and put in some screws.

– How did you construct the edge?
See: here and here


Here is the 55,000 Lego brick wall divider by Hamburg based agency Npire. The wall stands 9 feet wide, and 9 feet tall costing the designers €2,500 to build.

More information at http://lego-dining-table.blogspot.nl

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